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Confessions Of An Elephant Eater

Confessions Of An Elephant Eater by John ColanziHow do I like my Elephant? With fried onions and ketchup of course. I'm only joking. The real question is "How Do You Eat An Elephant?" One bite at a time. I don't actually eat elephants. The elephant is a metaphor for big goals.

So "How Do You Accomplish Big Goals?" One bite at a time. In my last article I asked you to set goals that are big. To reach for the stars. But I know sometimes big goals can be overwhelming. You need to aim for the stars and once you've got your goal in place, your next step is to break it down.

Let's set a simple goal to start with. You're bored with the nine to five ... you're tired of your boss ... you want to take a year off to enjoy life. How are we going to break this baby down? Since our goal is to have enough profits online to take a year off from work and really get this internet puppy going, let's shoot for 24 hours of freedom.

If you divided your yearly expenses by 365 days, what would you need to earn 24 hours of freedom? Let's make it simple, you need $100 a day to survive. Some of you may need less, I'm sure many of you will need more. The decision is yours. So for every $100 in profits you've earned one day of freedom from the daily grind. Earn $700 dollars and you've moved one week closer to the "Life Of Reilly." I don't know about you, but to me the idea of earning my freedom is a goal worth fighting for.

The money is just a tool to accomplish your goal. How would I accomplish that goal? I would divide my efforts between two types of programs. Program A would be an up front cash generator to keep the business going and expand. Program B would be a residual income generator to build my freedom fund. Residual Income is a monthly income created from programs that have a monthly recurring payment.

You market, expand and reward yourself for each goal you accomplish with the money from the cash machine. You let your residual income program build up until you've got a guaranteed monthly income equal to your monthly expenses. When your monthly recurring income equals your monthly expenses, you'll be free from the nine to five. You'll never worry about driving to work again. What are you waiting for? Freedom is right around the corner.

**************************************** Copyright (c) 2003 John Colanzi. FR^EE Internet Business Course -- $295 Value!Fr^ee Internet business, training, and support. Multiple income streams. Residual and leveragedincome. 95% of the work is automated.


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