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Item for Black History Month

According to Ms. Parris, she got the idea for this business after unsuccessfully searching for frames that would heighten the images in her own African art collection. She came to the conclusion that others might be having the same problem. Armed with a deep sense of commitment, she resolved to fill this gap and availed herself of every resource available. Ms Parris conducted extensive research to determine the feasibility of such a business and after consulting with professionals in several business areas, she founded Authentic African Art Frames.

The stylistically carved wooden frames come in a variety of finishes including earth tones, metallics (silver, gold, bronze and pewter) and striking black and white contrasts. The frames are created using Ghanaian wawa wood, a major African tropical hardwood, light in weight and color and suitable for picture frames mouldings. The light color of the wood makes it particularly amenable to stains, giving artisans flexibility in their creative designs. "The versatility of the frames is apparent, and they can be used to frame mirrors, artwork, fabric, certificates and other items that need to be brought to life," said Ms. Parris.

She advises clients to take their frames and personal treasures to their favorite framer who will professionally mount and finish the items with glass and backing. The frames come in various sizes ranging from 5" x 7" , 8" x 10" , and 11" x 14" . Ms. Parris sees these authentic African art frames as the perfect accessory for enhancing one's home and office, or for personal and corporate gift giving. Contact: Gail Parris718-810-3484www.AuthenticAfricanArtFrames.com1-866-FRAME-99 (1-866-372-6399).


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