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Familiar And Easy To Use, PiTape Gages Offer Precision For Good Measure

For more than 60 years, those working in the aerospace, automotive, steel forming, pipe and logging industries have consistently relied on a simple, easy- to-use instrument that allows them to measure the true diameters of round and out-of-round forms quickly, precisely and economically.   In an age when fancy, high-tech products are all the rage, this simple instrument that goes by the name Pi Tape brand precision diameter measurement tapes is decidedly low-tech, uncomplicated, yet extremely accurate and cost effective. Recognized worldwide as the original, Pi Tape measurement tapes have become a standard for a number of industries because they are simply designed, easy-to-read and offer an infinite variety of uses.   Pi Tape brand precision measurement devices are used regularly by the private sector and numerous government contractors.    Originally introduced in 1944, Pi Tape precision measurement gages are manufactured in the U.S. in temperature-controlled facilities using state of the art engraving and manufacturing techniques. Standard tapes are engraved and acid etched on a ground surface, featuring a fixed reading that does not require periodic adjustments.

   Pi Tape gages are available in either inches or millimeters. Tapes marked in inches read to a diameter of .0013 with an accuracy of ± .0013 up to 144 inches. Tapes marked in millimeters read to .01mm diameter with an accuracy of ± .03mm up to 3600mm. Pi Tape's calibration lab is compliant with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994; ISO/IEC 17025; ISO 10012-1; MIL-STD 45662A and IOCFR Part 21. Each tape comes with a certificate of accuracy traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

   In terms of speed, Pi Tape's quality gages have the advantage of being much faster to use than micrometers, calipers or laser-type distance measuring devices. With those instruments, the user must take several readings and then average them in order to get a fairly accurate diameter reading. With Pi Tape gages, simply wrap the gage around the inside or outside of a form and get a diameter reading accurate to .001.3   Compared to other precision measuring devices, price and accuracy also weigh in Pi Tape's favor. As an example, a caliper used to measure a 60" diameter lists for more than $1600 and is accurate to .0033. Pi Tape's 60-723 diameter tape costs just $88 and is accurate to .001.3   The Pi Tape brand product line includes direct outside and inside diameter measuring tapes, go/no-go tapes, linear tapes and O-ring tapes.

The company manufactures custom specialty tapes to meet the specific uses and requirements of customers, such as wide and narrow tapes, special length tapes, and tapes with special markings. There are two easy-to-read styles available for low-light environments and stainless steel tapes for use in corrosive environments. Pi Tape also offers recalibration services for all its measurement products.   Pi Tape brand diameter measuring tapes are available directly through its sales department or through distributors' catalogues and web sites. Current U.S. distributors include McMaster-Carr, J&L Industrial Supply and MSC Industrial Supply.

For additional information about Pi Tape brand diameter measuring tapes, please call Customer Support toll free at 866-474-8273 or visit online at quality and reliability since its founding in 1944, the Pi Tape Corporation is the original manufacturer of Pi Tape brand precision diameter tapes. For additional information, call 866-474-8273 or visit online at Vince Heald or Ember Garrett (858) 453-9600.


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