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Company Launches Short Script Contest to Film on Super 8mm

On the first day went on the web it could already be searched and found on Google and Yahoo search engines. Typing in "Movie Making Blog" on google would land you in the top ten movie blogs out of millions. From there you could link to Low Plains Productions' under construction page. That's because director Kelly Tippett began blogging about his pains and worries about making movies months before the web page was launched. Now he adds a little bit about his daily life and the still photos he takes in his hometown.

In the early months the link to Low Plains Productions was already being crawled by Googlebot spiders through the "Movie Making Blog."'s domain was already with Yahoo."What better place to find the cream of the crop than on a world wide plain" says Kelly from his apartment in Columbus, Mississippi. "We have some of the best people behind the scenes here and what best to complement that than to seek the best story. The only way I know how to do that in this day and age is to put up a web site." Where most short script contests require an entrance fee Low Plains Productions is giving the winner $25.00. "That's not much some might say," Kelly adds, "but we're in our infancy and we're not doing this contest to scam people out of money. We're doing it to get a great story.

And with our abilities, talent, and hard work ethic, we'll create art that'll be worthy of an audience."Low Plains Productions is a start-up production house located in Columbus, Mississippi. It's a small Southern town known as the birthplace of Tennessee Williams. Checking out you'll learn a little bit about those behind the producitons. Like James Wright, Audio Engineer, who earned a Bachelor of Science degree in recording production and technology. He attended workshops conducted by sound designer Patricio Libensen who worked on "Pulp Fiction," and "Spiderman." James has also worked on the Nashville Indie films "The Bill Collector" and "Angel Food."Next to James' mug you'll see Rick Baldwin, Special Effects, who served 6 years in the Air Force preparing moulage dummies and dressing wounds on field training victims.

He had over ten years with Haunted Attractions in coordinating, special effects and makeup, public relations and as an actor.And storyboard artist David Larkin, whom kelly met on, has artistic skills that include concept drawings, costume design, floor plans, lighting plots, and lens comparisons. He has enjoyed over 36 exhibitions of his art and has completed 16 documentaries.On a last note Kelly Tippett says, "It's not just the work experience we have to offer, it's our street experience. In our collective past we've fallen to a couple of bogus film festivals and crossed paths with quack representitives with no legitimate purpose other than to take our money. Now, we're at the point where we have the ability and convidence to do it right, to get a story to the right festivals for a decent shot. Short script contestants don't have to worry about paying bogus fees or worry if something decent is going to be done with their story.".


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