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Organic Pet Foods

Newman's Own Organics Premium Pet Food
Treat Your Pet Right with Quality Organic Foods

Newman's Own Organics Premium Pet Food Newman's Own Organic foods are produced without the use of herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers, are not irradiated and do not contain chemical additives or preservatives. The growing of organic food is based on a system of feeding and farming that mimics natural ecosystems and maintains and replenishes nutrients in the soil. Newman’s Own Organics food ingredients have been grown and handled according to strict organic standards that are enforced by independent third-party state or private organizations. More than 70% of all ingredients used in the formulation of all Newman’s Own Organics foods are organic.

Feeding Newman's Own organic foods eliminates the buildup of residues of chemical additives, preservatives, pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides which have been clinically proven to have adverse health effects on dogs, cats and in fact all animals including humans.

Newman's Own Organics feature Bell & Evans naturally fed “human grade” chickens which do not contain antibiotics, artificial preservatives, additives or colors. The chickens are humanely raised in a controlled environment and never fed rendered meat scraps containing bones, feathers, fish meal, or animal fats, oils, or grease.

The chicken meal provided by Bell & Evans is a dry concentrated protein-rich powder containing 10% water and no fat. Whole chicken meat, on the other hand, contains almost 70% water and is thus not as concentrated a source of the protein necessary for growth and vitality. Newman’s Own Organics does not use “poultry by-product meal”, defined as meat derived from ground necks, feet and intestines of chickens, turkeys and other birds. This meal is often classified as “4D”, meaning it is derived from animals not fit for human consumption because they were “Dead, Dying, Diseased or Disabled” at the time of inspection.

Organic brown rice is a key component of Newman's Own Organics. This brown rice contains nutrient rich bran layers, which are an excellent source of beneficial fiber, complex carbohydrates and essential amino acids and, when cooked, closely resemble the intestinal contents of a wild dogs’ and cats’ prey. Some pet foods contain brewer’s rice, which are the small fragments of rice that has had the bran layers removed. Newman’s Own Organics does not contain brewer’s rice.

Newman's Own Organics Premium Pet Food
Newman's Own
Organics Adult Dog

Newman's Own Organics Premium Pet Food
Newman's Own
Organics Senior Dog

Newman's Own Organics Premium Pet Food
Newman's Own
Kitten/Cat Chicken

Newman's Own Organics Premium Pet Food
Newman's Own
Organics Senior Cat

C & P Organix Pet Food
Certified Organic Pet Food

As part of your family, your dog deserves the very best food available. And with C&P;'s ORGANIX™ Canine Formula With Organic Ingredients, we've gone the extra step to ensure our formula is a step above any other dog food . This unique product qualifies under the new U.S Department of Agriculture's National Organic Program as "Made with Organic Ingredients," meaning at least 70% of the content is organic.

What does that mean to you and your dog?
You can trust that the organic ingredients used in ORGANIX meet or exceed strict state and federal regulations at every phase of production from the farm to the bowl. And you can rest assured that all the ingredients in this package are all natural and of the highest quality.

The word 'organic' signifies that an ingredient is produced without the use of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, bio-engineering or ionizing radiation. Feeding your cat food made with organic ingredients reduces exposure to toxic and persistent insecticides and fungicides that are used in conventional pet food production. Organic meat (like our Organic Chicken) is sourced from animals given no antibiotics or growth hormones.

Organic foods are minimally processed without artifical ingredients, preservatives or irradiation to maintain the integrity of the food. Providing your dog a diet made with organic ingredients also enhances environmental quality because farmers and ranchers producing organic food use renewable resources and management techniquesto encourage optimal health in a community, including your family pet.

There has been a lot of research lately explaining the benefits of high-quality Organic ingredients in the foods that we eat. Just like humans our favorite pets also benefit from high quality foods made form high-quality ingredients.

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