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Doing Halloween Doggy Style?

Fort Lauderdale, FL October 13, 2005 -- Throw Fido a bone this year with a hysterical Halloween costume of his own to trick or treat in. Dog Halloween costumes are all the rage this year according to Halloween costumes for people, and pets, on the web.Dogs become one of the family so their owners want to take them out trick-or-treating in Halloween dog costumes, said Harold Maxwell, president of According to our online survey, nearly 50 percent of respondents will be trick or treating, and 29 percent will be at a party, so Fido isnt going to want to stay home alone. Your doggie will look just like one of the family in his Yoda Dog Star Wars costume, the Number One Halloween dog costume voted by 26.9% of the more than 2,200 humans that have voted on the site to date. Next in popularity is SuperDog for your pooch. That received 23.9%; followed by 19.6% for PirateCat (yes kittens are also a sight full on this frightful night in their own Halloween pet costumes like Witchie Poo and Cat King Cole.

Dont forget to have a look at the elegant dog in his Top Dog Tux, which ranked high with 11.4% of the Extreme Halloween survey takers. This satin black-and-white get-up will have the fair-maiden poodles prancing beside.And all paws raised as a tribute to our protectors with Fido as the Fireman Dog, which came in at a solid 10.6%, followed by Giddyup the CowGirl and Buzz Lightyear pet costumes, which shared the spotlight at 7.7%More than 50 Halloween pet costumes from will adorn dogs and cats this year, made with deluxe materials and great creativity. Prices for the 2005 Pet Halloween Costumes Collection range from $8.95 to $69.95, with most being under $19.95. Even with kids and parents keen on getting from door to door in their costumes, they should keep their pets on a leash, held securely says Extreme Halloween, since these furry friends look so adorably friendly and funny. These pet costumes make our adored pets look irresistible, yet comical, said Shari Maxwell, Vice President of leading Halloween costume retailer for dogs and cats and Whether adorned in a French Maid costume, Ballerina, or Elvis Hound Dog, Biker Dog, Lil Bandito, or Pimp Dog, these pets are such a hit that people cant wait to dress their pets up for Christmas as Santa Claws Dog or Lil Angel. Our customers are voting for our annual list of the Top Halloween Costumes for 2005, which includes Halloween pet costumes and Halloween dog costumes, as well as boys, girls, women and men at and they get a chance to win a Sony PSP.Extreme HalloweenExtreme Halloween ( halloween pet costumes, halloween dog costumes they have sites devoted to costume accessories, theater makeup, costume wigs, Santa Suits, western wear, gothic fashions, magician supplies and more.

Popular costumes this year include authentic star wars costumes, Darth Vader Deluxe costumes, Jedi costumes and replica lightsabers. For pets, they offer a wide variety of popularly priced Halloween dog costumes for large breeds as well as small dog costumes, batman dog Halloween costumes and superman dog costumes..


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