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Home >  Cats >  Training & Behavior >  Behavior Modification

Comfort Zone PlugIn w/ Feliway

Comfort Zone PlugIn w/ Feliway

TJs Price: $29.93

ComfortZone with Feliway: Natural Solutions to Unwanted Cat Behavior

Your cat is more than just a pet: he's a member of your family, and, if he's exhibiting urine spraying or other cat behaviors associated with stress, you want the gentlest means possible to redirect those tendencies -- Feliway can help!

If your cat is showing signs of continued stress, ComfortZone with Feliway may be able to help. ComfortZone is a unique electric diffuser that disperses Feliway into the environment through evaporation. Like the Feliway spray, ComfortZone also helps curb urine spraying and destructive clawing behavior.

The calming effect of the diffused Feliway is especially helpful if your cat is exhibiting other worrisome behaviors such as hiding, loss of appetite due to stress, or showing a decreased interest in playing or interaction with you or other cats in the household.

Veterinarian recommended.

Refills also available!

Home >  Cats >  Training & Behavior >  Behavior Modification


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