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1. http://www.himalayan.org/himik04.htm
Atlantic Himalayan Club : Top Himalayan Kittens 2004-05 show season
... Breeder: Danielle Griggs - Carolyn Baker Owner: Danielle Griggs 10th Best Himalayan Kitten Champion Cuddle-Paws Reddy 2 Rumble Flame Point Male (GC Cuddle-Paws T.J. Max x CH Cuddle ...
2. http://www.yewcats.com/Himalayans.htm
YewCats Himalayan Page - YewCats.com
... be avoided. The tail should not be bent or tucked under in an unnatural way. Sometimes Himalayan kitten are so laid back they are just too sweet to protect themselves from a rough child or a very ...
3. http://www.satinrosecattery.com/adopt/adopt.htm
Himalayan Kitten / Cat Adoption Center.
Himalayan Cats and Kittens, Alaska Himalayan Breeder, Alaska Himalayans, Signs of a Healthy Cat, How ... and been treated with Bene-Bac. What Does My Kitten Come With? Our goal at Satin Rose is that each ...
4. http://store.yahoo.com/critters1/kitten.html
Koala the Himalayan Kitten
... washable, high performance cleaning material to wipe away dust dirt and smudges. Koala the Himalayan Kitten Kitten Regular price: $11.95 Sale price: $9.95
5. http://cat-breeds.cats-central.com/kitten-for-sale/himalayan-kittens.html
Himalayan Kittens, Himalayan Kittens For Sale, Himalayan Cat Breeders ...
... Himalayan Cat Breed Guide himalayan cat,himalayan kitten,himalayan kitten for sale,himalayan cat breeders,himalayan cat for sale himalayan cat,himalayan kitten,himalayan kitten for sale,himalayan cat ...
6. http://www.kittybabies.com/
Kitty Babies Himalayan Kittens in Florida Panhandle
... cat do the not dog persian cat picture is it chocolate tortie point for show cat and himalayan kitten when the get calico. cat picture of kitten persian himalayan also himalayan persian they are ...
7. http://www.angelfire.com/folk/morgan/flowers/muddyped2.htm
Muddy's Pedigree at www.MuddyPaws.info
... Himalayan Information . MUDDY'S LINKS, GAMES, WEB RINGS ... The Atlantic Himalayan Club CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) Want to see more cats? Visit " Rate My Kitten ." This is a good site for ...
8. http://www.pet-net.net/usa/products.php?cat=1394&PHPSESSID=dfe631cbfdd6d7cb0b4fa8969fa57fac
Himalayan Cat and Kitten Breeders - Pet Net USA's Directory of ...
... Himalayan Cat and Kitten Breeders - Pet Net USA offers a directory of responsible Himalayan cat and kitten breeders offering Himalayan kittens for sale to approved buyers. Many Himalayan breeders will ...
9. http://www.kitten-cat-magazine.com/himalayan-kitten.html
The origins of the himalayan kitten and cat
... out about the acceptable colors of this maginificent breed. The origins of the himalayan kitten The himalayan kitten, that the British call the Long Hair Colorpoint, is one of the breeds that is ...
10. http://www.clouddancingangels.com/kittens.htm
Persian Kittens, Himalayan Kittens of CloudDancing CFA Himalayan ...
... would love to you meet our sweet boy Milo, cream lynx point himalayan kitten. This boy loves everyone and enjoys playing with his Mommy ...

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