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Greenies Dog Treats and Chews
Greenies Chew Bone Box
Greenies Chew
Bone Box

Greenies Chew Treat
Greenies Chew

Greenies Chew Treat Pack
Greenies Chew
Treat Pack

Greenies Lil Bits
Greenies Lil Bits

Greenies Petite 12pk
Greenies Petite
12 Pack

Greenies Reg 7pk
Greenies Reg
7 Packk

Greenies Large 4pk
Greenies Large
4 Pack

Greenies Petite 75ct Box
Greenies Petite
75 Count Box

Greenies Reg 45ct Box
Greenies Regular
45 Count Box

Greenies Large 25ct Box
Greenies Large
25 Count Box

Greenies Jumbo 12ct Box
Greenies Jumbo
12 Count Box

The Original Smart Treat

TJs highly recommends Greenies® chew treats! Our own dogs chew them all the time and love the flavor, and we love the fresh breath that Greenies give our dogs!

Greenies® satisfy your dog's natural desire to chew. The consistency/ingredients have been shown to help reduce odors, control dental tartar (calculus), strengthen gums and diminish oral bacteria. All ingredients in Greenies® the original smart-treat® are highly digestible and, except for the palatability enhancer, are used in human food products. Greenies® prevent buildup of dental calculus, are exceptionally palatable, highly digestible and improve digestibility of other foods.

Why S&M NuTec Decided To Create A New Chew Treat

Judy and Joe Roethelie are dog lovers with a strong interest in animal health and nutrition. The idea for Greenies® the original smart-treat® began to develop because of their male Samoyed's bad breath.

"Ivan's a great dog, " says Judy, " a member of our family.  But he had terrible breath.  His halitosis was of major proportion!"  So Judy and Joe, in an effort to improve Ivan's breath, decided to formulate something that hopefully would improve Ivan's halitosis and be nutritious and enjoyable to chew.

"The results were amazing," says Joe.  "With our prototype product, Ivan's breath freshened in less than 10 days.  Then, with help from a veterinary clinical nutritionist, we were able to develop a product with consistency/ingredients to control odor, reduce dental calculus, and plaque buildup, diminish oral bacteria and provide good nutrition."  Greenies® not only satisfies a dog's natural desire to chew, they provide a better way for owners to care for their pets' teeth without the unpleasant job of brushing the teeth - an act that can damage the bond of love between dog and owner.

Dental Calculus
A leading dental research group found that giving dogs only one Greenies® daily almost totally prevented dental calculus accumulation. On a scale of 0 for no calculus accumulation to 45 for heavy calculus buildup, the dogs given one Greenies® daily scored an average of 3.3 compared to 26 when Greenies® were not given. Statistically, this is a highly significant (<0.0001) decrease in calculus accumulation. Greenies® dental attributes were developed primarily as a maintenance program for a dogs' teeth following cleaning by a veterinarian.

A study conducted by a leading nationally-known, highly respected, independent third-party testing research kennel, proved that most dogs prefer Greenies®. When given a choice, 70% of dogs in the study preferred Greenies® to a leading commercial chew treat.
All dogs - 100% - preferred Greenies® to a leading rawhide chew treat.

The same nationally-know lab also found that in addition to Greenies® being highly digestible, feeding Greenies® with other foods actually increases digestibility of those foods. Their research showed a blend of just 10% Greenies® and 90% dry food increases protein digestibility in the food from 78.1% to 85.5% - a 10% increase. Digestibility of fat, calories, and dry matter also increased. This ensures that your pet obtains maximum nutrition from its diet; in fact, your dog can obtain the same level of nutrition from less dry dog food when Greenies® are provided, so we recommend that you decrease the amount of dog food provided by 5-10%.

Formulated With:
Processed wheat product base with 52% protein - twice what is present in most dog foods
Ingredients to reduce tartar buildup on teeth and enhance healthy gums
Ingredients to freshen breath, control oral bacteria and reduce "doggie" odors
Ingredients to supplement your dog's diet with nutritious protein.
Palatability enhancer for your dog's "taste buds" and enjoyment.

Choose the Right Size Greenies® for Your Dog:

Greenies® Feeding Directions:
Greenies® are recommended for dogs over 6 months of age and over 10 pounds (Consider Greenies® Lil’ Bits for toy breeds, puppies and dogs known to gulp). Feed the correct size Greenies® for your dog’s weight 1-2 times daily as a treat. Greenies® are not intended to be complete and balanced and therefore should not constitute more than 25% of your dog’s diet. A greenish color in the dog’s stool is a normal and harmless result of consuming chlorophyll, a key ingredient and natural breath freshener. As with any treat, always offer water after feeding. If obesity is a concern, reduce food intake.

CAUTION: As with any edible product, monitor your dog to ensure the treat is adequately chewed. Gulping any item can be harmful or even fatal to a dog.

Greenies® Lil'Bits Feeding Directions:
Greenies® Lil’ Bits are recommended for puppies less than 6 months old, toy breeds, dogs weighing less than 10 pounds, dogs who have difficulty chewing or dogs known to gulp food or treats.
Lil’ Bits can also be used to encourage food consumption by sprinkling on top of your dog’s dry dog food. Feed Lil’ Bits 1-2 times daily as a treat. Normal serving size is one teaspoon per 3 pounds of body weight (one tablespoon per 9 pounds). Greenies® Lil’ Bits™ are not intended to be complete and balanced and should not constitute more than 25% of your dog’s diet. A greenish color in the dog’s stool is a normal and harmless result of consuming chlorophyll, a key ingredient and natural breath freshener. As with any treat, always offer water after feeding. If obesity is a concern, reduce food intake.

Greenies® Contain:

  • No Plastic!
  • No Inert Ingredients!
  • No Added Preservatives!
  • No Artificial Colors!
  • No Added Sodium Chloride!
  • No Added Sugar!

    Guaranteed Analysis:
  • Crude Protein not less than .........52%
  • Crude Fat no less than .................4%
  • Crude Fiber not more than ............5%
  • Moisture not more than...............12%

    Greenies® Are:
  • A Chew, A Treat
  • Highly Nutritious
  • Proven Effective in Preventing Buildup of Dental Tartar
  • Formulated with Ingredients to Diminish Odors & Bacteria Plus
  • Strengthen Gums and hence extend the life of your dog!

    Processed wheat gluten, glycerin, natural flavor, powdered cellulose fiber, monosodium phosphate, monoglycerides of edible fatty acids, magnesium stearateand chlorophyll. No artificial coloring added. No preservatives, and no plastics or other inert ingredients. Product appearance and color may vary due to natural ingredients. All ingredients are used in human food product.
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