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Fashion Trend: Gemstone Jewelry Made Affordable by Online Artisans.

January 30 2004--Skilled artists from around the world are offering their one-of-a-kind creations via the web. These are not cheaply made knockoffs of high-end designs. Materials used include sterling silver, gold, gemstones, crystals, handmade beads, and hard-to-find vintage components. Items produced range from delicate and pretty to funky and eclectic. Most pieces average only $25 - $50.This is made possible by two things.

One of them being love of one's craft. Internet jewelry shop owners often do not add the cost of advertising into their items. Nor do they tend to include their time for hand picking each and every component. Unlike the bigger, better known retail stores, they don't burden the customer with the costs of maintaining a venue or of holding unsold inventory. Why? Because they seek the thrill of creating something beautiful that others can enjoy.

More often than not, profit is spent obtaining more supplies for conceptions that endlessly whirl around inside their minds.The second factor working to keep prices down is fierce Internet competition. The term "handmade jewelry" brings up 149,000 results on the GoogleTM search engine. A large percentage of these are e-stores offering some of the most beautiful jewelry available at near-to-wholesale prices. The sheer volume of jewelry forces the average price down to more reasonable levels for the fashion enthusiast. Internet "malls", where many shop owners exist under one "roof", are often a valuable source for your best bargains.So, while attractive advertisements and gorgeous models may be tempting you to surrender your bank account to the latest fashion craze, affordable alternatives exist aplenty.

With the money you save, you can buy something for your closest friends too.Jo-Ann SturkoFor affordable artisan jewelry visit:Autumn Moon Adornments Jewelry Home Pagehttp://www.booth11.comThis article copyright © 2004 Booth 11. All rights reserved..


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