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"The Falsetoes", Story by John Calvin Doyle Hits the Streets of Highlandtown! in Baltimore Maryland

Some have already seen the last trailer and now for an update on the progress of "The Falsetoes", a film project that will continue to capture interest and anticipation for completion from all over the state and beyond. The Falsetoe's women have their own way of doing business and the Highlandtown community got a first hand look at their style during a shoot that took place at "Foreplay" on Eastern Avenue this past Sunday, November 7, 2004. This shoot included guest appearances of Baltimore's own Johnny Alonso, from "The O.C.", "Dawson's Creek", "Growing Pains Reunion" and Mickey Cucchiella from 98 Rock and Jamie Cucchiella, "The Falsetoes", produed by MPM Productions and co-producer, Maria Angelucci, "Gypsy", Directed by John Calvin Doyle, is based on a mob family run by women, but unlike other mob stories, the women are wearing the pants but not giving up the curves, bringing humor that can only be categorized as "off the hook". After the release of "The Falsetoes" trailer on October 1st and November 1st at the Patterson Theatre, interest resulted in an enormous attendance and participation at the shoot of November 7th, which was riddled with nationally acclaimed talents such as,Johnny Alonso and Mickey Cucchiella and locally established east coast actors, Brian Dragonuk, Jimmy Traynor & Peechee Neric, Connie LaMuth, Jimmy Traynor and Peechee Neric, along with models from Lisa Scott's Model Connection. Crew included camera's manned by Baltimore's best, Vaughn Mason, Robert G.

Christie, Paul Sulsky, Jimmy Traynor and John Rose. Both the actors making appearances, as well as all the featured extra's, all remarked on what a unique concept this project is and how much they enjoyed working with "The Falsetoes".To answer the resounding questions from the participants of this shoot, "We had such a blast with this and can't wait to see it, when will it be out?" A sneak preview that will include this shoot. Tentively scheduled to be released on Dec 1, 2004 - location to be announced, with completion of project also to be announced, as some final shoots are still scheduled to take place. Check out the flip side of mobsters as portrayed by local talents "Gypsy", aka Maria Angelucci, of Perry Hall/Highlandtown, Md. currently just completed a New Jersey based thriller, "Three Bridges" and "Shallow Deep", Steve Kovalic of Baltimore MD, theatrical & film talent, who's most recent project is an off Broadway production, "Sealed For Freshness" and the feature film "No Retreat from Destiny"Sandy O'Brien of Essex, Md, "Shallow Deep", "No Longer my Twin", Heidi Emmer of Rockville, MD from The Higgins Show, "Kirk Racer" and many Theater productions John Calvin Doyle, Washington DC area "Psychic Investigations", "Serial Mom", and currently cast in "A Little Prick".

Coy Lasone of Baltimore, Md. film talent and local turned international comedian, drawing crowds along the East coast improvs..


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