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Superultramodern / Joshian Quotes and Dialogues 2

The world is rationally constructed, so reason can uncover its secrets. - Leibniz We tend to think that the world is rationally constructed because reason is our only tool to understand the world. I rather deeply suspect that the construction of the world is not based on reason but something else; so reason cannot uncover its secrets. - Joshi The senses deceive us, but reason reveals the truth. - Parmenides of Elea The senses deceive us as space is a virtual reality, and I suspect that reason is also a form of deception.

- JoshiMan is a rational animal and I fear that it could be his ultimate philosophical tragedy. - Joshi We have to believe that there is no proof. - Joshi Change and motion and space and time are all in the mind. - Zeno of EleaYes, and the mind is non - spatial. - Joshi Space is really non - spatial.

- JoshiCapitalism is the most sophisticated form of barbarism.- Joshi Fear is the worst form of violence. - Joshi Freedom is a relative term. Absolutely it is impossible. - Joshi To be is to be a slave. - JoshiTo be moral is to be irrational, because morality is relative, and in absolute terms it is absurd.

- Joshi So far, an atheist is the one who cannot prove that God does not exist. Also he is the one who only disagrees with the conventional proofs / arguments for the existence of God. - Joshi If you want to meet a most narrow minded and orthodox person, go and find an ordinary scientist. - Joshi Even absence is present. - Joshi An actor is a person who has two presents which are not in agreement with each other.

- Joshi Living is the greatest addiction. - Joshi The oldest and the youngest entity in the world is world itself. - Joshi The most uncertain and adventures form of science is called philosophy.- JoshiLanguage is a servant of thought. And sometimes the commands of the masters are too profound to obey. - Joshi The greatest wisdom lies in the deepest understanding of the universe.

- JoshiGreat things are often victims of harsh criticism. Philosophy is one of them. - Joshi No human society can be perfect or ideal mainly because its needs and capacities can never be in harmony. - Joshi A ( logical / conceptual ) paradox can exist only if reason is flawed. - Joshi I think the problem of creation of the universe involves a paradox which further implies that reason is flawed.

- JoshiRepresentation of thought is always non - spatial. Thought cannot exist in a spatial form. - Joshi Writing is a thinker's way to perfection. - Joshi Perhaps nothing is ultimately true or false. - Joshi Everything knows something.

- Joshi Life is a dream because space is a virtual reality. - Joshi The study of economics is equivalent to the study of structure of a system. Greater the structure greater the economics. - Joshi Man is a philosophical animal. ( I think somebody has said this before.

) - Joshi A big industrial city, say London, and a small undeveloped village are both extremes, that sound me like an uncivilised barbaric place. The later is far backward in time while the former inhabits only machines. I rather prefer a golden mean, like Cambridge. - JoshiAs Man tends to be developed he tends to be isolated. And that is his destiny.

- JoshiNature by its very nature is very brutal and partial, though Man has somehow managed to change the nature of its brutality and partiality. - Joshi The most reasonable definition of intelligence is a characteristic, let it be of any kind. This implies that to be is to be intelligent. - JoshiGod does not play dice. - Einstein Only God can play dice.

If he does or does not is itself a bit dicey. - Joshi Behind the apparent spatial things there are real non - spatial thoughts. - Joshi The essence of life is existence, conscious or unconscious, real or virtual.- Joshi Great minds invent, good minds criticise, and ordinary minds follow. - JoshiA genius is the one who arrives at a revolutionary thought, largely on his own. - Joshi My intellectual honesty is often misconstrued as my intellectual arrogance.

I'm too honest to be arrogant. - Joshi World and life are nothing but two perspectives to look at the same thing. - Joshi I have not cleared up traditional philosophical doubts ( and I extremely doubt that any human ever can ). I've just systematically pointed out likelihoods. - Joshi Life when seen through common sense is often a sweet fairy tail.

But when seen philosophically it is definitely a cold shivering tragedy. Common man often enjoys life but a philosopher definitely suffers. - JoshiThe first step towards genuine progress is solitude. - Joshi The word philosophy, as it is distinguished from science, is misleading, as it means what philosophy contains is impossible to be a systematic body of knowledge, and what science contains is certain or proved. - JoshiWhat a tragedy ! Others cannot see what I see clearly.

And I can do nothing to make them see what I see. - Joshi Justice is a myth. Or it is a limit which we may only tend to. - Joshi When Man is equally ( or more than equally ) concerned with the welfare of other Men capitalism will be replaced by communism. ( Until then any attempt to implement communism shall be futile and lead to some kind of capitalism.

) However, I don't see any realistic prospects for such a dramatic transformation in the nature of mankind. - Joshi Life is practically worth but philosophically pointless. - Joshi The phenomena which relativity theory is based upon do not at all imply that space and time are a unified and inseparable whole - the four - dimensional continuum of space - time. The thought that they are is a sheer misconstruction. - Joshi A scientist is usually remembered by his theories; a philosopher by his quotations.

- JoshiThe love of art is a conscious Man's best portrayal of his consciousness, for apart from consciousness art is useless. - JoshiI fear that Man chose the easiest but the worst option instead of the hardest but the best. - JoshiMiscellaneous :Morals are absolutely relative and Power is relatively absolute. Man built society to practice barbarism in a smarter way.Expect of Man God, and he will appear to be a beast. Expect of Man a beast, and he will appear to be God.

I deeply appreciate the idea that Man is prospective divine being.The mother of humour is falsehood, the father of humour is eccentricity. And its child is laughter.Love of power weakens the power of love. Man is a philosophical animal. - Dr Kedar Joshi, BSc MA DSc DA, PBSSICambridge, UK..

Terry Dashner

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